Markets went up the third day being a hatrick. Pharma shares and software are the leaders in the market. A lot of buying is taking place. The most unfortunate thing is we had recommended Titan at inr 873/ on 5th of june 2018, now today the 13 th of june it is quoting at inr 921.50. But, nobody purchased stocks during the begining of June which was a good time to go bargain hunting. Stocks have risen to good levels now.

Indian Economy is improving and the GDP is growing. The interest rates have been raised this RBI busy season credit policy 0.25%, which indicates an increase in consumption in the economy. Increase in consumption will lead to more money in companies hands, thereby increasing the value of shares.That is why markets are doing well. But, there is a series of bi-elections and state elections nearing, which will lead to nervousness in Markets. A downside for a short time may be expected, due to local politics.

The agreement for disarmament, between Kim leader of North Korea and President Trump of USA has led to a decrease in Geo-political tensions, making the business and markets breathe easy.