Markets, were down today. The increase in FED rates have pushed down markets.FII’s have offloaded Rs. 12000 crores between Feb 1st and March 7th.after having pumped in 13781 crores in January and 49729 crores whole of last year. So, the amount pumped in to equities is more, so markets are still upward on the whole.

The worry now is elections coming with Madhya Pradesh, Jharkand to face elections and many bi-elections taking place. This creates uncertainity among investors if the results are anti BJP. and 2019 is not far, were rlections are scheduled in May. Rainfalls are good, which will lead to demand for fertilizers and seeds. A lot of FMCG companies will do well, as they traditionally move up due to higher agricultural income. With the increase in FED rates in USA and increase in RBI rates in India, it will lead to returns on Bonds, thereby reducing returns on equity. The markets now falling due to bond rates is technical in Nature not fundamental. The election fear is the fundamental thing. So markets on the whole are good.