The sensex was up by 260.59 points at 35547.33 and the Nifty was up by 61.50 points at 10772. Improved global cues which have reeled under the trade wars between, India and China have improved the markets today. The markets go up and down, according to the trades done by traders. Markets, are under the control of traders and investors are few in the markets.

Markets have become very expensive, for an average shareholder. So, the participation of individuals have come down. Individuals are moving towards mutual funds, were the investments can be made at inr 1000 per month and it is affordable to many small investors. The Mutual funds and institutions are the very large investors in the stock market. That is why, there is a large movement in the prices or markets are volatile. Markets have gone towards trading were stocks are bought or sold depending on the fluctuations. City Union Bank can be purchased    185/    as there is a bonus and it is quoting cum bonus now.  It is better to watch markets for sometime.