Today the market traded for the last day of the year. The Sensex was up by 209 points reaching 34056 and the Nifty was up by 53 points at 10530. The Nifty has given a return of 29% this year. Mutual funds have pumped in huge sums of money into the market. Markets, are not depending only on FII money now. With the winning of Shri Modi as Prime Minister, and the continuous success of the BJP in elections held in many states the party has become stronger and political stability has given impetus to the Stock Markets.

Stocks across all sectors have started rising due to the impetus given by the Government for development across various sectors. Construction has been given thrust which is created a demand for cement stocks, Paint stocks demand have petered out due to the rising cost of Petrol which is used in manufacture of paint. Many industries have started doing well. Textile stocks, power stocks, retail all have done well due to the demand. There is an improvement in all sectors and very few stocks have given low returns. Inspite of this,it is better to be careful while selecting stocks, and great care has to be taken. 2018 the market is of the opinion will not be as good as 2017. But we market men accept the best. WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR.