Today, the Nifty was up by 54 points at 10558 and the sensex was up by 184 points at 34153.

It is common knowledge that, when funds come into any market it raises the prices of the commodities or services they deal in. Similarly, the stock Market is no different. A lot of money, is coming from Mutual Funds. Especially the young Investors are investing in Mutual funds and the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)has caught up. This gradual infuion of funds, into the market keeps the prices steady and upwardly mobile. Less selling is taking place. The participation is a lot more now, because of the big basket of Investors.

A lot of positive developments are taking place in the market place. As I have mentioned in the last paragraph, the systematic infusion of funds by investors through the mutual fund route has kept the markets good. We used to depend ore on FII money before, so there would be a sudden withdrawal of FII funds, that would lead to collapse of the Market. Now, domestic funds are supporting the market.

Telecom major IDEA Cellular is raising inr 3250 crore from Group Promoter Aditya Birla. This shows the companies are strong. JLR volumes have gone up 49%, which is a subsidiary of Tata Motors. Maruti, Tata Motors and Honda have increased their Market share in 2017. Which shows a lot of money is in the hands of people.

Motherson Sumi the leading auto component major has acquired M.S.Global India a multi national auto component major. Companies, are expanding their reach and Stock Markets are supporting them by allowing them to raise capital. Stock Markets are the barometers of the Economy. India is a shining example, as more money is coming to the market, people have more money, inturn it is a good market. The other major thing which will boost the economy is, the Government is seeking inr 800 BN PSB recap through bonds. Which will, fill the banks coffers to lend to the public, which will be good for the economy .  HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.