The NSE index climbed 11,000, for the first time since February 2019. The markets, are undergoing a pre election rally with B gtoup shares also going up. Mutual funds are also buying stocks, thereby increasing the value of stocks.

The armed aggression with Pakistan, seems to have cooled down. There was a lot of tension, among the two Nations, due to the bombing of Terrorist camps, in Balakot region, due to the Pulwana attack by the Pakistani army. The corporate results seem to be good. This has led, to the upward movement of stocks. Heidelberg Cement, which we are watching for a long time, closed between inr 170.50 and inr 171/.we are watching it since inr 105/ in 2016. Though, the share has not given super returns, it seems to be a good share for the future.

Overall, stocks seem to be doing well, and it is good to be invested in stock market or Mutual funds. Ideas borrowed from, Bloomberg quibt and Money Control.