The Nifty ended flat today, the Bse was up. Overall, markets were positive. According to Money Control, we are in a pre election rally. The sensex might touch 42000 by Dec 2019. According, to news reports small cap and mid cap shares, rise soon after the elections irrespective of whome comes to power.

Confidence in the Government, seems to be high with the attack on terrorists, in Balakot. The Economy is also being managed well, without loan waivers and Companies are doing well, the Automobile sales are down but, they are down usually in March. Markets are usually down, in March due to the coming tax season. As I have mentioned yesterday Mutual Fund investments continue to shore up the stock market. Mutual Funds are a good way to be in stock market, by investing small amounts. Like SIP.(Systematic Investment Plan.)and for those who have ample funds, they can directly enter the stock market by buying shares.

It is better to book profits periodically, so one can be alert in the market. The more profits one sees, he or she will be a happy person. Eg.. If one thinks the shares is good for the long term, it is good he or she buys 200 shares of the company, sell 100 shares for a profit and keep 100 shares as an investment.